Irwindale Crossfit


"At Irwindale CrossFit we welcome anyone who is motivated to improve his or her overall health and wants to be part of a supportive and family friendly community."





It’s not about being thin or heavy. It’s about knowing happiness with your own body. I’ve always pushed myself to eat well, exercise, and avoid the temptations of over-indulgence of the ‘Not-So-Good-For-You-Food-And-Drink.’ Where did it get me? Well, I’m a 2x survivor of cancer.

Sometimes that’s just what life deals you. I was literally a weak person in a strong person’s body. But if you can be strong in mind and body when life deals you those hands, then you have the strength to conquer anything.

In March of 2016, after numerous attempts to lose weight and gain the strength that chemo took from me in 2015, I came across the name ‘Irwindale Crossfit.’ I’ve always loved the idea of weight training but my regular gym never provided the coaching needed to be successful, that is not without the high cost.

One visit to Irwindale Crossfit and I was hooked. At first, I felt like I was the weakest, the oldest, and even doubted myself during that first visit. But I kept coming back because the coaches gave me the personal attention I needed, even in a class filled with 20 people. These coaches showed me how to modify the training to suit my level of ability. Every member in attendance encourages and supports your every effort. I’m happy to exclaim, “I’m a Crossfit junkie!” and the thought of not continuing, never crosses my mind.

If Crossfit is not on your bucket list of life, it should be. Believe in yourself because Irwindale Crossfit believes anyone and everyone can be successfully healthy and strong.